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Unbreakable_int 17


I was attacked one day, while at home by a person that I knew. A person that my whole family knew; since he was a part of it.
We had never been close, not even as children, there was a certain resentment that grew from childish rivalry into full blown misogyny as we moved into adulthood.
He was never particularly gentle with me but on that day; the day he ripped my shirt and knocked me to the ground, he taught me something. Something that has been shouted, stated and written; Sexual assualt has very little to do with actual sex, its about POWER.
That day, as he choked me and my breasts spilled forward from my torn shirt. I saw that he took no pleasure in the sight of breasts but in my cries, my humiliation and my scrambled attempts to hold myself together.
He smiled at me and said, “ look at you, you think you are so tough, you cant even protect yourself”
I have been an activist for a few years, a feminist for more and this is the first time that I have shared this story publicly.