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Unbreakable_int 19 (rus/рус)

«You’re so damn CUTE» (c) my rapist
«You’ve changed, you’re an animal now»
«I think you LOVED it»
«Please don’t tell me this, it’s GROSS» (c) close friend I shared this with
I’m 15.

«Ты чертовски МИЛАЯ» (Мой насильник)
«Ты изменилась, теперь ты животное»
«По-моему, ты ДОВОЛЬНА»
«Не рассказывай мне — это МЕРЗКО»
(мой близкий ДРУГ, которому я рассказала)
Мне 15

Unbreakable_int 18 (rus/рус)

«It’s your fault»
«Attention whore»
— my ex after we broke up. He uploaded my personal photos online and shared them to my friends
(I was 15)

«Сама виновата»
— сказал мой бывший, слив мои фото в интернет и разослав моим друзьям после расставания.
(мне было 15)

Unbreakable_int 17

I was attacked one day, while at home by a person that I knew. A person that my whole family knew; since he was a part of it.
We had never been close, not even as children, there was a certain resentment that grew from childish rivalry into full blown misogyny as we moved into adulthood.
He was never particularly gentle with me but on that day; the day he ripped my shirt and knocked me to the ground, he taught me something. Something that has been shouted, stated and written; Sexual assualt has very little to do with actual sex, its about POWER.
That day, as he choked me and my breasts spilled forward from my torn shirt. I saw that he took no pleasure in the sight of breasts but in my cries, my humiliation and my scrambled attempts to hold myself together.
He smiled at me and said, “ look at you, you think you are so tough, you cant even protect yourself”
I have been an activist for a few years, a feminist for more and this is the first time that I have shared this story publicly.

Unbreakable_int 16 (esp)

My name is Karla and I am 22 years old. I lived a relationship of emotional violence that hurt me a lot. Although the pain today I’m here sharing my story because I have been able to overcome with courage and self-esteem.
My ex partner who was selfish and self-center person, had only love for himself and not to share it with me. I began to feel violence when he told me to change my clothes; he did not liked how I looked. At the beginning of his criticisms I get angry a lot and ignored him, indeed, ended up fighting. He never apologize for that, he got angry and left. Whenever he saw me he started with the same criticism on the way I dress. Keep reading (Leer mas…)

Unbreakable_int 15 (esp)

I had a lot of discomfort, tiredness and feel fainting and very sleepy, so we took an appointment in the medical Social Security. When I reach the appointment was a male doctor who would treat me. He started telling me things about a transsexual patient. I did not know why he did it. Before starting the physical exam he made much reference to the question of sexuality, at some point I thought and felt something was wrong, but I could not decipher if that was the proper procedure of a physician. Keep reading (Leer mas…)

Unbreakable_int 14 (rus/рус)

“All girls dream of being raped”

«Все девушки мечтают быть изнасилованными»

Unbreakable_int 13 (esp)

My name is Nelly and I’m 27 years old. 20 years ago a family friend and one of his friends sexually abused me.
I was 8 years old and daughter from a single mother for which I spent most of my time alone after returning from school. They said it was a “game” until years later I became aware of what had happened to me. I loaded feelings of rejection to my body, my sex and my whole being.
As a child I never mentioned it to anyone because I knew my mother was going to be judged by my family and all the blame would fall on her.
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Unbreakable_int 12 (esp)

I am the cousin of Johanna Cifuentes. Her ex-boyfriend murdered her on February 13, 2006 when she was 19 years old. I was 18. She was my friend and we were confidants, taught me many things in life, we had so much fun. Since her femicide nothing was the same, the family dynamics changed … I changed … I still miss her!
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Unbreakable_int 11 (esp)

I find in my memory the fixed and immobile memory of a girl of about 7 or 8 years with a grey skirt playing with her cousins at a family celebration until two older boys decided to grab her, put her against a wall and touch her body while laughing. No one did anything, but I stopped playing for the rest of the afternoon. Now 31 years old.
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Unbreakable_int 10 (rus/рус)

My close friend raped me in May, 2014. I was 16 years old.
When we met that day, nothing gave away his intentions. We often hang out, and it was okay. I never thought something like this could happen to me.
We were at his place, watching movies. It was late, I decided to go home. He went to the front door, and I heard the lock clicking. I thought it was a bad sign. He came back and said he would give me pleasure. I tried to ran, but he didn’t let me. He pushed me to the sofa, pushed my skirt higher and tore up my underwear. I was in hell. He went on for hour and a half, but it felt like an eternity. He was saying things like “Do you want me to fuck you all day long?”, “Do you like that?”. It wasn’t enough, apparently, so he told me to suck him off. He said I will regret, if I won’t comply. Читать дальше >